How To Create Shareable Content For Social Media


Social media has impacted businesses in an unprecedented way. It has changed the way marketing and advertising is conducted, and given an impetus to every size of business around the world. The great part about social media is that it has given these businesses different platforms and modes to reach out to customers – old and new.

Facebook is the first social media platform that comes to mind, and with posts that allow images, videos and content to be posted, it has become the go-to tool for everyone.

Twitter also has its advantages, in that a lot can be said in 140 characters. It is also probably the easiest platform to create trending topics and to share information.

Instagram is also another great tool for those businesses that rely on images and visual marketing to reach out to customers.

LinkedIn is practically social media for business, where one can create an account and be freely visible to a world of business opportunities.

And yes, content is still at the core of social media. As long as there is language to convey messages, content will rule. dotWriter™’s feature for 100-word articles allows buyers to post custom content requirements for social media. As a content writer, it is important to understand that social media content is totally different from regular article posts that cater to websites and blogs and could run from anywhere between 300-2000 words.

Whenever you write for a social media post, keep these points in mind:

  • Eye-catching
  • Shareable
  • Viral
  • Trending
  • Interesting
  • Brief

Here’s how you can create content for social media –

Get to the point – No social media post should go above 100 words. For some social media platforms like Twitter, this includes any external URLs and hashtags added to the post. So, don’t go wandering down the content rabbit-hole with this. Get. To. The. Point. And yes, Keep It Simple Silly.

Avoid clickbait – There have been numerous businesses that have clickbait posts that promise a lot, but do not deliver. What happens in such cases? You initially get traffic, but it soon stops and your business loses its credibility. Say it like you mean it.

Informative – If you are writing about a product for a social media post, make sure you highlight the most important points. You have within 100 words to captivate the reader, so make it worth their while. Like we said in the first point – keep it brief and get to the point.

Understanding Social Media – An expert is always someone who understands their field deeply. If you’re not sure about how particular social media platforms work, open accounts on each yourself! You can browse, pick up points from the most followed accounts and keep up with their latest features, et al.

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