How do I buy an article?

You will need to maintain a minimum ​​​ ​balance of $20 in your dotWriter account, which can be credited through a verified PayPal account. You may either purchase articles through the Marketplace or post a Custom Content job order or Privately Hire a writer. All purchased articles will be made available for 30 days to download in .txt or .pdf formats via your Dashboard under the "Purchases & Sales" section.

How do I create a Custom Job?

To order tailor-made content, you will need to first SIGN UP for a dotWriter account. Once you log in, you can place this order by visiting your Dashboard and clicking on the "​Create a Custom job" button from the 'Content Desk'. Once a writer responds to your request, you will receive a notifications of any activity on your custom job order.

How can I download the articles I purchased?

You may download your purchased articles in two formats - .txt and .pdf. All articles will be available for 30 days. To download articles you have purchased, log in to your dotWriter account, visit your Dashboard and go to the "Purchases & Sales" section and click on the "Download Purchased Articles" option.

Are articles checked for plagiarism?

dotWriter strictly follows an anti-plagiarism policy. Every article being sold on our platform goes through the paid Copyscape service. If an article is found to be plagiarized, it will immediately be rejected and the user, flagged. For technical articles that require certain common jargon or product names, in exceptional cases, ​similar content of up to​ ​15​% is permitted.

What is "Private Hire"?

A buyer may prefer the work of a particular writer(s) and want to hire that content specialist to complete custom jobs privately. To do so, a buyer may visit the writer’s​ ​public profile and click on the​ ​"​Hire Me!"​​
​b​utton. If the writer​ ​does not have any approved articles in the Marketplace, the Private Hire job request will be auto-rejected.

Can I get a refund once I have purchased an article?

An article, once purchased, can be downloaded and viewed in its entirety. ​T​he writer is immediately credited for the amount the article was sold. dotWriter has a strict NO REFUND POLICY​ that does not ​permit​ a sold article to be returned to the Marketplace. However, based on the feedback of the buyer about issues faced with the article, we can offer an alternative in lieu of refund​. Contact support@dotwriter.com to address this issue.​

How much do I get paid for an article?

When you join dotWriter, you are initiated as a Standard writer, but the more you write and contribute to the Marketplace, the better your chances of being "promoted" to Premium status and finally, to Gold! And we would love for as many Writers to reach the Gold level. Why? Because there are monetary gains to be made. An Editor will need to approve the articles you submit for review first and then submit it to the Writers’ Pool for purchase, for you to be eligible for improving your Writer Level on dotWriter -

Level Charge
Standard $0.02 / word
Premium $0.04 / word
Gold $0.06 / word

How are Writer Levels specified?

Here is another table to explain it the best way we can –

Level Achievement
Standard Under 10 approved articles OR Below a 50% approval rating
Premium Between 10 and 25 approved articles AND an approval ratio over 50%
Gold Over 25 approved articles AND over a 75% approval ratio

How much can I charge for my article?

Standard Writers have a default price of $0.02/word. If you are a Premium or a Gold Writer, you have the freedom to either charge the rate of your Level, or lower than that.

How many articles can I submit to the Marketplace?

The more articles you submit to the Marketplace, the higher your writer level and earnings on dotWriter. It is very important that ALL articles submitted through your profile have been authored by YOU. Before being displayed for sale in the Marketplace, your article will go through a plagiarism check by ​Copyscape​ ​and then reviewed by the Editors.​

How long does it take for an article to be reviewed by Editors?

This is one of the most common questions posed to us by Writers. The timeframe given is 24-48 hours (Monday-Friday). However, due to unforeseen circumstances, it may take more time. Be patient, as we make sure that the maximum timeframe does not exceed 5 working days (Monday-Friday).

Why can't I respond to every Custom Job?

It's great that you want to contribute towards Custom Jobs​ order!

However, depending on the writer level the buyer has chosen, you may or may not be able to write for one. For example, if it is specified that a Premium or Gold writer respond to a particular Custom Job, then ​Standard writers will not be able to respond to that Custom Job.

Note: To start writing for Custom Jobs, a writer must have at least ONE approved article in the Marketplace.

How much time do I have for writing an article for the Writers' Pool?

You have a total of 72 hours to respond to a Custom Job ​request ​posted by a buyer. Depending on the number of words required for the article, you will get​ -​

Time Word Limit
2 hours Less than 100 words
4 hours Between 100 words – 300 words
6 hours Between 300 words – 500 words
8 hours Between 500 words – 750 words
10 hours Between 750 words – 1000 words
14 hours Between 1000 words - 2000 words
16 hours Between 2000 words - 5000 words

Note: Sometimes a buyer will attach a reference link to enable you to gain inspiration from that published article. You need to make sure that the content you submit is original, and has not been blatantly copied from the source, with minor grammatical changes to avoid plagiarism. Any account found indulging in unethical practices will face suspension.

Why have I been asked to edit my article?

Our Editors work hard to make sure that only the best quality content is available on dotWriter. While we encourage Writers to contribute and earn, we expect the best work that competes with international content standards. If you receive an edit request from the Editors, read the reason given and make changes accordingly. There may be an issue with grammar, punctuation or a mistake that was overlooked while submitting the content. Don’t worry. Proofread your article and make corrections accordingly, then simply re-submit the article for another review. You get up to three chances for the same article, so don’t get offended if the same article is sent back; rather learn from it and do better – that is what dotWriter is here for – to make you the best possible content writer in a competitive market.

What happens if I don't edit my article?

Well, we encourage you to follow the editing suggestions and therefore, improve your writing skills. However, it is up to you to make changes or not. If the content does not meet our standards, it will be rejected. Remember, this will affect your chances of improving your Writer Level.

What happens if a Buyer disapproves an article?

If a Custom Job has been responded to and the Buyer disapproves the article, our Editors will take a look at it once again and determine the reason. If justified, the writer will be notified about it. The writer can then go ahead and submit it in the Writers’ Pool once again. If the article has been disapproves unjustly, action will be taken against the Buyer. We do our best to make sure that transactions are conducted with integrity and look out for our Writers’ and Buyers’ best interests.

What happens if an Editor disapproves an article?

It takes up to 3 chances for an article to be disapproved, before it is sent back for minor edits. For ALL articles, dotWriter maintains a high standard that is in line with international content standards. If an article you have submitted for review is directly rejected, you will receive a notification with the reason for doing so. Common reasons why an article is disapproved is due to – plagiarism, formatting errors, severe grammatical errors, colloquial use of language, incorrect facts, spelling mistakes, ​among others.

How long does it take for a Buyer to approve an article?

This question is meant for a Custom Job. When one is posted and a Writer responds to the request, it takes up to 72 hours for the Buyer to Approve, Request An Edit or Reject the content. If this time lapses, the article is automatically ACCEPTED and the Buyer will be charged. Please note: Once payment for a Custom Job has been made due to the timeframe exceeding 72 hours, NO refund will be processed.

What is a Custom Job? How do I apply for it?

We have set up this feature for Buyers to get tailor-made content within 72 hours and also offer an opportunity to all our writers to share their talent for specialized articles, over and above their submissions to the Writers’ Pool. We are asked a few questions about how this works, so we are letting you know how to go about applying for a Custom Job post, for Writers:

  • If you want to view and apply for a Custom Job, you need to click on the tab at the top of the page that specifies: "Content Desk", once you log in to your DotWriter.com account. Here you will get to see all the Custom Jobs available and have the freedom to choose which one you are most comfortable working with. (You will need to have at least ONE approved article in the Marketplace before you can apply for a Custom Job).
  • You get 2 HOURS to write a 300-word article, but depending on the Buyers’ requirement, you may need to write 500 – 2000 words. You are given ample of time to complete the task.
  • Once you are done with the content, you can Submit the article. At this point in time, CopyScape will automatically check if your work is original or plagiarized. Articles that are over 20% copied from another published source will be automatically Rejected. You will receive a pop-up that states that we are unable to accept the article and you will need to write all over again.
  • Please note that while articles that you submit through the Writers’ Pool are checked by our Editors, content submitted through Custom Jobs will be reviewed by the Buyer. Hence, it is imperative that you PROOFREAD your work, combing for any possible spelling mistakes, grammatical or punctuation errors, etc. Clients may Ask For An Edit or straightaway Reject the article, and you will have to comply with that.

If your work through a Custom Job is Accepted by the Client, you will receive a credit of the Custom Job amount specified, through your DotWriter.com WITHIN 72 HOURS.

What is dotWriter?

dotWriter is a Premium Content Marketplace for those looking to buy or sell content online. ALL articles are CopyScape checked, original, error free and meet international blog requirements. Content professionally written and follow SEO guidelines as well. Writers post articles through their Profiles to the Marketplace or respond to Custom Jobs and Private Hires posted by Buyers. So every time you purchase an article, know that you have top quality content that your money can buy! It is FREE to Signup, too!

What can I do at dotWriter?

As a registered user, you can either buy or sell articles in the Marketplace through your Profile. If you have a requirement for tailor-made content, you can post it as a Custom Job. Likewise, if a Writer has done a great job on an article, you can get them to write for you again through Private Hire.

What is the Writers' Pool?

Custom Jobs for tailor-made content is posted by our buyers for all writers across dotWriter. You can visit the Writers’ Pool by logging in to your dotWriter account and clicking on the Content Desk tab. If a Custom Job suits your expertise, you may respond to that request within 72 hours or before another writer takes the opportunity from you!

Are there any fees for being a member on dotWriter?

Signup for FREE on dotWriter! However, when an article written by you is sold, we deduct 20% from the article price and the remaining 80% goes to the Writer.

Can I be a Buyer and a Writer?

Of course you can! To select your preferences, log in to your dotWriter account and click on the Account tab. You will then see an option on Preferences. Here, you can choose to be a Buyer, a Writer or Both and receive updates and notifications based on your preference!

I keep seeing a pop-up about Referrals. What is this?

dotWriter has a lucrative Affiliate Program. When you join, you are provided with a unique URL that you can paste anywhere on your blog or social media. Anyone joining dotWriter through this link will be connected to your account, so that whenever they buy articles, you will receive a commission from the purchase.

Do I need to verify my dotWriter account? What is the process involved

In order to access your dotWriter account, you will need to first VERIFY your registered email address for security reasons. This is a mandatory step that needs to be taken by ALL users.

You will also need to specify GENDER if you haven't done so.

Note: For users logging in via Facebook, if your email address is private on Facebook, it will not be listed on dotWriter. You will need to manually ADD your active email address through your Dashboard and then verify it to complete the account verification process.

Do I need to upload a Profile Picture? Are there any image guidelines?

Yes, you can personalize your dotWriter account by uploading a profile picture. Since this is a professional content platform, the following image guidelines must be adhered to:

  • The size of the image should not be below 120x120 pixels and should not exceed 1MB
  • Only these file formats will be accepted: .jpg, .jpeg, .png
  • You may upload a photo of yourself – a professional photograph is recommended. A Facebook profile picture is also acceptable, considering it is within image uploading guidelines.

NO pornographic, cartoon, abstract, obscene, graphic or any other unprofessional image may be uploaded. If a user is found with an offensive profile picture, action will be taken on the account.

How do I Subscribe/Unsubscribe from dotWriter's mailing list?

We send regular updates through newsletters to all of our registered members. If you would like to receive these mailers, or if you want to be removed from our mailing list, you would need to do so through your Dashboard. Under the Account tab, you can manually change your mailing preferences.

Why has my account been blocked? Will I be able to access my account in any way?

dotWriter wants to maintain the highest standards when it comes to content and ethical practices being conducted on the ​platform. A user is given up to three warnings for any breach of terms, following which the account is blocked. In extreme circumstances, the writer is blocked before the three warnings.

General guidelines for communicating with the Support team?

ALL emails to the Support Team are treated as Professional. Hence, please start your emails with a courtesy, and be very professional with your communication. The Support Team are a friendly lot, but do not appreciate rude remarks, taunts and profanity.

Are there any guidelines on content submitted to the marketplace?

We allow the writer unlimited creative freedom to submit their own original articles for sale in the marketplace. However, we do have certain content requirements which writers need to keep in mind -

  • We do not approve articles that promote/endorse any particular brands/products. This includes personal reviews of products. Only under special circumstances of certain trending, popular products, articles may be approved, but please remember that these reviews need to be professional, unbiased and with technical specifications included.
  • dotWriter is a professional content website that caters to international blogs and websites. While we thoroughly appreciate and encourage writers' talents, we do not accept personal essays and poetry.
  • When covering a medical or legal topic, always mention the source(s) of information, as this is important once the article gets published on a website. You may mention the source(s) at the end of the article.
  • Articles that contain colloquial, regional use of language will not be approved. Internationally accepted English, with proper grammar and punctuation is what dotWriter is looking for.
  • Plagiarized articles will immediately be rejected and action will be taken on the account.

The question I have hasn't been mentioned here.

Our Support Team receives a number of emails a day and makes sure that a response, with a resolution is sent ​anywhere within 24- 48 hours. Just send in an email to support@dotwriter.com for any queries.

Are monetary transactions safe on dotWriter?

They absolutely are! We give you the guarantee that ALL transactions are safe and secure, using the best online security portals available. Also, every transaction you make, whether buying or selling an article, is recorded in your profile and can be cross-checked via your PayPal account.

How do I register my PayPal account?

We want to make sure that your transactions are secure. You would need to confirm your PayPal email address the first time you register it with us, following which you can Add Funds as many times as you want! If you decide to change your PayPal account information, you would need to go through the confirmation process again.

Writer - How are Writers paid?

Currently, we make payments only via PayPal. When you reach the minimum threshold limit of $10, you can request a withdrawal and you should receive it in 5-10 working days (Monday-Friday).

I tried to make a payment through PayPal. It failed! What do I do?!

First off, don't panic. You may send an email across to support@dotwriter.com informing us of the failed payment. In the email, mention the following points:

Your PayPal Id:

Amount Paid:

Date of transaction:

Your dotWriter Email Address:

Your dotWriter Username:

With all the necessary information in hand, we will verify the details and once confirmed by PayPal, your account will be credited with the exact amount within 48 hours. Please check your inbox for an email update once done.

What are Bulk Content Plans?

Bulk Content Plans are special packages offered by dotWriter™ where buyers can avail some additional features while sourcing multiple articles in one go. These features include - editing & proofreading by an Editor, chat interface with writers and direct posting to multiple WordPress blogs (for Gold Plan only). All Bulk Content Plans with these special features are valid for 30 days only.

What are the features of Bulk Content Plans?

dotWriter™ offers three different Bulk Content Plans -

1. Standard Plan - Priced at $500, it offers editing & proofreading by an Editor, chat interface with writers and the buyer can source up to 50 articles.

2. Premium Plan - At a discounted price of $970, it offers editing & proofreading by an Editor, chat interface with writers and the buyer can source up to 100 articles.

3. Gold Plan - At a discounted price of $1425, it offers editing & proofreading by an Editor, chat interface with writers, direct posting to multiple WordPress blogs and the buyer can source up to 150 articles.

What is the Direct posting/ Manage Websites feature under the Gold Bulk Content Plan?

Through dotWriter™'s Manage Websites section, a Gold Bulk Content Plan user can directly post purchased articles to an unlimited number of WordPress blogs. This can be done by simply installing a plugin on the blogs you would like to post to; it will be saved as a draft on your website for you to add your final touches before publishing it.

What is Custom Pricing and how does it work?

The Custom Pricing option can be viewed when placing a Custom Job order or a Private Hire request and is used to set a custom price per article, equal to or higher than 6 cents per word. Setting a custom price is a great way of ensuring that your content is created by the top writers on dotWriter™.

What happens after a Bulk Content Plan expires after 30 days?

All Bulk Content Plans (Standard, Premium, Gold) offered by dotWriter™ are valid for a period of 30 days, starting from the day of activation. Once a plan expires, the account gets restored to a regular buyer account and all additional features are discontinued. Any funds added within or before this period will remain unaffected on the expiration of the Bulk Content Plan.

Why am I getting this error? "CSV not uploaded due to errors. Please check FAQ's, correct all errors and upload again".

​The Bulk content upload CSV has been created to enable a buyer to add in all requirements in one place and then let dotWriter™ do the rest. In order to execute this, it's important that the buyer provides all details the same way it is done when you create a Custom Job on dotWriter™ by filling in all rows and columns in the sheet. Common reasons​ for this error in your CSV:

1. Blank Column: If the following fields are empty - Article Title, No. of Words, Keywords, Category, Writer Category, Writing Style

2. Article Category does not match our standard category names.

3. Number of words is not numeric ie. it needs to 200 and not two hundred.

4. Number of words should be in the range of 50-5000 only.

5. Writer Category value should be only Standard, Premium or Gold, no other values will be accepted.

6. Writing Style value should be only Professional or Friendly.

7. Custom Pricing should not be less than cost per article.

Does dotWriter™ accept Credit Card payments?

Yes! dotWriter now accepts Credit Card payments via Stripe. You can add money to your dotWriter account directly via Credit Card, instead of making a payment through your PayPal account. This feature is available only for adding funds.

What is a convenience fee?

A convenience fee will be charged on each transaction for usage of the payment gateways Stripe and Paypal in order to process the payments. This fee is charged per successful transaction and is non refundable.

Why am I unable to see the first words of the article?

In order to view the first words of the article, you need to have a minimum balance of $20 in your dotWriter™ account. dotWriter™ accepts payments via PayPal and Stripe and the funds can be added from the Finance section of your account. Once added, you can view the first words of the article that will give you a good idea of the content pieces you wish to purchase.