dotWriter™ Introduces 100-word Articles For Social Media


Let’s face it, time and time again, social media has proven to be the force that connects the world. Businesses have been able to flourish online because of the power of social media marketing. Even though this remarkable and incomparable tool has brought about such an revolution, there is one common feature that still stood the test of time – content. As they say, content is king! And rightly so…

When it comes to micro-blogging sites that have a word limit, a professional content writer will still be able to convey and get the message across thoroughly to readers. In fact, these days, a mere headline is enough to grab the attention of the customer. Details and long-form articles are now left to websites and blogs where mostly dedicated traffic stops by for a read. But through social media, one can reach a wider audience, anywhere in the world, and that too within a limited number of words. That’s the power of social media and condensed online content.

In keeping up with this evolving market, dotWriter™ now introduces the option for writers to cater to businesses by penning 100-words articles. Crisp, straight-to-the-point, information driven content that is ready to be uploaded straight to your social media pages and get the market buzzing about your product! Your target keywords get preference and the focus stays on marketing through content.