5 content categories that will sell like hotcakes in 2018 Q4

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As September comes to an end and we move into the month of October, the lovely summer months turn to fall to usher in winter. It also marks the last quarter of 2018 aka Q4, one of the most important quarters of the year for any business; so we’ve listed down 5 categories that are more likely to sell in the months ahead.

1. Health & Fitness

This is an evergreen category as one’s capability to do anything almost always depends on one’s health and fitness levels. More so, now that we are approaching the end of the year, getting in shape for the festive season is what’s on many people’s minds. If you are a writer, the topics are varied and if you are a buyer, you should start adding up updated fitness articles on your website.

2. Finance

Who won’t benefit from some good financial advice? Given that the holiday season is a few weeks away, spending wisely and ensuring you are not in debt post all the that festive joy should be a top concern for any discerning person, right? Tips on how to save, getting loans, investing in cryptocurrency etc. are needed.

3. Holidays

You need to plan ahead if you want to enjoy a memorable festive/holiday season. For the holidays, you got to prepare in advance – be it decking the house, getting presents, cooking festive food or having theme parties.

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4. Travel

As the cool weather slowly drifts in, this makes it the perfect time to travel to different parts of the world. Keeping in mind that holiday rush at the end of the year, start by writing (and adding up on your site) articles that cover everything from family travel tips, top destinations, budget holidays and more.

5. Internet and Online Marketing

With the startup boom, entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for ways to make their business grow online. SERP algorithms keep changing regularly, so staying ahead of the competition online is not an option if businesses are to flourish.

When curating and purchasing content, articles need to be precise and based on facts so that readers associate you with authentic content only.

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Prepared to face 2018 Q4 head on and make it a major success? Let’s go!

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