Top 5 trending content categories this June


We’re halfway through 2018 and at the end of Q2, so do you know what’s making news this time of the year? At dotWriter™, we have compiled a list of the top categories that will be in high demand. Here goes:


It’s the FIFA World Cup 2018 and football fever is at an all time high. People are looking for interesting facts about the teams and players and the history of the game itself.

Health & Fitness

Staying healthy and fit never goes out of fashion. It’s summer in many parts of the world and what better way to celebrate it with healthy food and exercises to tone up!

Science & Technology

We’re in 2018 and AI is soaring new heights. Robots and Artificial Intelligence seem to be the future so now is a good time to explore those options.

Gadgets & Electronics

With so many launches happening every day, the gadget world is busier than ever. With so many options, reviews and comparisons on gadgets is the need of the hour!


Everybody needs insurance, be it home, car, health, travel, the list goes on. It’s a bit of a complicated thing, but guidelines and reasons to opt for insurance will help users.

Now that you have your list, chalk out topics and start writing. Remember to write a mix of small and large articles and once approved, share it around. 🙂

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