5 reasons why you need to upgrade to our Bulk Content Plans

5 reasons why you need to upgrade to bulk content plan

dotWriter™ is among the top content marketplaces in the world because we work on providing practical, time-saving and relevant content solutions in line with your business needs.

As a business owner or blogger, the need of the hour in reaching out to your target audience online with timely, unique & fresh content. While at the same time ensuring you get your articles within a timeframe. Now isn’t that convenient? Non-Bulk Content Plan buyers need to review articles sent by writers and send feedback and changes which could be difficult if you have a large order.

Juggling different roles and responsibilities while ensuring the steady growth of your business could take a toll on your content marketing strategies, which in turn would result in you losing out on a huge chunk of prospective clients, customers or the audience that you have been trying to target. We understand your challenges, which is why we have 3 Bulk Content Plans – Standard, Premium, Gold – created especially to take care of your content needs.

We’ve outlined 5 irresistible reasons why you should Upgrade today and give your business that needed boost online!

1. Time-based, for your convenience

It’s easy to procrastinate and put off the task of adding content to your site, but with the Bulk Content Plan, you have 30 days to enjoy the benefits and features.

2. Bulk Custom Job Upload

Instead of manually creating an individual custom job order (keep in mind you have like 50 of them), all you need to do now is add your requirements in our specially designed Bulk Upload csv and we’ll add it up for you.

3. Editor Intervention

Bulk Content Plan buyers can select “Editor Intervention” wherein our experienced & reliable editors proofread & edit your bulk custom jobs instead of you doing it yourself.

4. Private chat with the writer

In the event that you prefer providing feedback directly to the writer, you can now do that via our chat system where you communicate directly with the writer!

5. Direct posting to your website

Yes, you read that right! Our Gold Bulk Content plan buyers have the option to post directly to their WordPress websites. No more copy-pasting, logging in and out of your website, its all just a click away from within your dotWriter™ account.

A website & blog with updated, original and SEO-friendly content reflects a healthy business; it’s time to revisit the importance of content in your marketing strategy and what better way than becoming a Bulk Content buyer on dotWriter™! 🙂

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