Key Points That Determine A Successful Writer


Yes, you want to make a successful career out of writing, don’t you? What an extraordinary world we live in, where our passion and skill can be turned into something lucrative! If you have the drive for the best in online content, then dotWriter is the ideal place for you to submit your articles. We are looking for talented content writers like yourself, who can pen stellar articles for international blogs and websites.

Becoming a writer on dotWriter is really simple. Create your account for free, with a unique professional profile that you can even share on social media and your own blog. We would love to assist you on your journey to becoming a sought after content writer in this very competitive, but promising business. When choosing dotWriter, keep these key points in mind to make the best out of your promising content career –

Write. No matter what.

If you think that all the biggest writers out there come up with the best prose every single time, you are wrong. Writing is a skill, and the more you write, the better you become. Many times, you are going to feel like you cannot write anymore or that what you’re penning down doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t matter, as long as you write on a regular basis.

Be original

Just because a writer got famous using a certain form of prose, doesn’t mean you should copy their style. That’s plagiarism. You are the writer, and with every piece of work you submit, you need to make sure you are putting a bit yourself into it. That is the difference between a regular writer, and an artiste.

Write less. Say More.

With practice, you will find that you can cover the same number of points but without the use of many words. Writers are usually paid by the word, but it takes a certain level of integrity to be able to submit content that covers all the points without unnecessarily extending the article.

Submit your best. Always.

Sometimes content writers are in a hurry to get to the next project. But that means that you may not have given your 100% to the project at hand. It is important to remember that a true writer will always look to gift only their best to the world, no matter how hard they need to work for it.


When you are great at what you do, you give back to the world by teaching other writers how to be as good as you! Share your knowledge with the world, and encourage other budding content writers to join dotWriter and start a career writing content.

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