dotWriter™ at RISE Hong Kong – 5 hot topics that are creating a buzz around the globe


dotWriter™ exhibited at RISE 2017 in Hong Kong and it was good to meet so many writers, bloggers and business owners from around the world. 🙂

Aside from inspiring talks and networking with new businesses, we got acquainted with the latest trends that’s taking the world by storm.

Q: Why is this information relevant to you?
A: Businesses and brands want to share these new trends with their customers and viewers, which makes this is a great opportunity for you to contribute to the dotWriter™ marketplace.
Are you ready to start selling your content pieces? We have listed 5 high demand topics that buyers are on the lookout for. Here goes!

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. Cryptocurrencies

3. Blockchain

4. Virtual reality

5. Fintech

Now that you have your topics ready, it’s time to start researching, writing and submitting your articles today.

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