We have updated our Terms of Service on dotWriter™ – Please review!

updated terms of service dotwriter

Please review the updated Terms of Service of dotWriter™ to continue having a wonderful experience on out platform!

The entire team at dotWriter™ would like to thank you for your continued support and contribution to the growth of our platform. We would like to inform you that we have updated our Terms of Service to include a Profanity Clause, banning any users permanently from dotWriter™ if found exhibiting unprofessional behavior.

Under the profanity clause, any users – Buyers / Writers found guilty of using foul language or exhibiting unprofessional behavior while interacting with other dotWriter™ users or the team of dotWriter™ will be banned from using the platform further with all their submitted articles (if any), deleted from dotWriter™’s Content Marketplace. Further, any pending account balance of the banned user will be settled within 45 days of the account being forfeited.

We request you to review the updated Terms of Service and bring forth any instances faced by you which maybe in violation of it. At dotWriter™ we believe in protecting all our members and growing with them. Please get in touch with us contact@dotwriter.com or support@dotwriter.com to report any unpleasant incidents. Our team will immediately swing into action to make sure that you feel at home.

Review Updated Terms of Service of dotWriter™