Introducing new feature, Smart Keyword Search on dotWriter™

Smart Keyword Search

Now search for articles, writers and much more based on simple keywords related to your needs

The entire team at dotWriter™ is excited to introduce a new feature to our platform which will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for – Smart Keyword Search.

With smart search, you can find articles, categories and writers who contribute articles related to your search term with just one click. Now there’s no need to browse through categories or lists to find what you’re looking for!

Here is how Smart Keyword Search works on dotWriter™ –

Go to and enter a keyword in the search bar

If you’re looking for content related to Travel and Leisure, enter a related keyword. Example, ‘Holiday’

You will get a list of all the articles which contain the keyword along with a list of writers who contribute to the category!

So now you can not only reduce your search time at dotWriter™’s Premium Content Marketplace, but can also directly hire writers who are regular contributors to the category you’re interested in. We hope you make the best of all the new features on dotWriter™. Try out the new Smart Keyword Search feature right away –

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