dotWriter™ Brings You, New Year’s Content Resolutions for 2017!


Get Your Blog/ Business in Shape With Our Game Changing Content Resolutions

2017 is here and we surely have all our personal New Year’s Resolutions in place. But what about your blogs and businesses? They deserve a makeover and a chance at achieving new heights, just as you do!

Presenting, your New Year’s Content Resolutions for making your blog/ business big in 2017 –

1. I Will Build an Active YouTube Channel

Video content is the next big content marketing tool. You know it, we know it and now it’s time to act upon it! Only 9% of American businesses bother to set up Youtube channels and just a fraction of them get updated on a regular basis.

While there are quite a few valid reasons to be vary of creating a YouTube Channel, including the amount of creative talents and man power required to churn out engaging videos and the high chance of existing in obscurity forever. It’s a gamble, which if played right, can make you a star overnight! 

The downside is minimal and the upside could completely reshape your reach. So head over to YouTube right away and create an account to get started!

2. I Will Analyze All the Data and Metrics

We all created a Google Analytics account while setting up our blogs and websites, but how many of us have actually studied the data seriously?

Let’s face it, data is important. It’s a powerful tool that hones your navigation to take your business in the right direction. Creating content without sufficient data to support your strategy is like shooting birds in thick fog – a hit and miss.

Reviewing your data will help you identify key growth indicators and understand what’s not working for you. This will help tweak your strategy accordingly. Another benefit of analyzing data is – insight into user behavior. Once you understand what your readers want, it’s just a matter of setting out the right hook and waiting for them to take the bait.

It’s time that we break all mental barriers and dig deep to understand our readers.

3. I Will Create Personalized, Targeted Content for My Readers 

One message for all readers is like selling one of those free-sized pieces of clothing – they are uncomfortable!

Let’s work smarter in 2017 to show readers what we know is relevant to them. Personalized content not only makes conversion easier, but also helps build a passionate audience.

For example, creating a blog post titled, How to Brew a Good Cup of Tea will not work half as good as an article titled, How to Brew a Good Cup of Matcha Green Tea.

The latter appeals directly to a readers passions, while the former is a plain old generic statement. 

4. I Will Give My Readers What They Want!

So what if maximum of your readers are interested in Kim Kardashian?

Instead of dismissing it as a fad, embrace the insight and churn out 5 different articles bridging your brand with what the reality Television Star would do!

5. I Will Not Merely Sell a Product, But Tell a Story

We are living in an age of information saturation where an average reader processes 100,500 digital words daily.

In such a scenario, if you were to put a mundane piece of content telling them about the benefits of your product, they are bound to overlook it. It’s not like they are doing so on purpose, the ability of tuning out content has become an in-built defense mechanism.

Rather, if you were to build a story around how one of your user’s had a life enhancing experience after engaging with your product – readers will have an interesting story to look forward to (engaging with you at the same time!).

We wish you the very best with implementing all the New Year’s Content Resolutions your Blog/ Business need to achieve the next milestone.

For now, present a New Year’s Gift to your blog by updating it with some amazing content to kickstart 2017 –

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