dotWriter™’s Content Forecast for 2017 is here!


Your Content Forecast For 2017 – Know Exactly What to Target This New Year

Can you believe that a new year is right around the corner? We made it through 2016, phew! Whether you’re a professional content writer or you’re looking for content to boost your website, these content forecast tips for 2017 are what you need. And it’s best to start before January 1, so that you are  two steps ahead of your competition.

Make a Concrete Content Strategy

And what we mean is, you need to write down your content strategy. This gives you a clear idea of what your content plan for the year is, and you can always go back and re-frame it when you need to. dotWriter™ is here to help you plan one if you need our expertise. 😀

Dig Deep and Analyze Your Target Audience Well

Before you settle down on a piece of content – WHY are you writing this? What is your purpose of showing this to your audience? WHO is going to be reading this? Do you know your target audience as well as you should? WHAT content are you putting out? Recycled words pulled from another source, or fresh information that pulls your reader in?

Personalize Your Content

Ever seen ads while streaming a youtube video and wondered – Why am I seeing an ad on how to take care of babies!? I am 22 year old man trying to see a tutorial on how trim my beard.

This is where personalization of Content comes in. We cannot be showing one message to everyone anymore. The content has to be short, sharp and personalized to the level the data on hand allows it to be.

Do this and experience the wonder it does for you – just as it has for us on dotWriter™.

Create and Invest in Interactive Content

Gone are the days of mundane long essay like articles that lecture you on what ought to be. This new year you are going to have to keep up with your fast paced audiences by keeping them constantly engaged. Any content that’s interactive in nature – be a product description page or a social media post is going to be the biggest tool in your arsenal.

Video Content is  the Next Big Thing

People respond to videos better than words, because we are visual beings. The great thing is you can even write content that can be converted to video later on.

Creative and Targeted Social Media Content

If the recent US Elections did each you anything, it is that social media is the true super power. Keep your social media accounts active and post away.  dotWriter™ has introduced custom word articles especially to cater to your social media needs.

Starting from 50 words to 5000 words – order an engaging series of multiple social media posts or tweets or a well researched thesis for your website. Get on dotWriter™ right away to start acquiring Custom-Made articles for your online businesses and blogs.