Black Friday and Cyber Monday Must Haves for Online Businesses


Help your website/blog benefit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

With the on-set of millions of e-commerce websites vying for the customer, it can get a little crowded online. Every major retailer now has an online store that offers shipping to worldwide locations and other timely offers. How come online shopping has become so popular? Well, for starters, marketers have realized that the regular shopper is becoming lazy. When Amazon first came out years ago offering home delivery, they touched upon a rewarding way to reach the customer right in the comfort of their homes!

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, retailers are grabbing the wallets of their customers with products and offers galore. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, probably two of the biggest events for retailers are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While the former caters to actual shops with street locations, the latter is about deals that can be struck online. What a golden opportunity to invite patrons and make a profit!

CLICK HERE to check out this amazing infographic on the phenomenon that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a report from 2015.

It is estimated that Americans alone spent $83 billion on retail last holiday season, with electronics taking the top spot in sales. That’s an amazing 11% Year on Year (YoY) increase! And stock markets increase by an average of 37%, peaking on Cyber Monday; and with the Dow Jones already hitting the record-breaking 19,000 point mark, this really is a time to cash-in on the spending spree!

So, how can your website benefit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Follow these tips to make the most of these massive retail events.

Send an email

If you don’t already have a mailing list, you need to be creating one. Before Thanksgiving, make sure you’re sending out mailers and notifications, reminding patrons that you will be offering something special for the coming weekend. Custora reported that an estimated 25.1% of Black Friday sales were made because of email marketing. And check this out: that’s 330% increase in revenue per email sent overall.

Pro tips from dotWriter™:

  • Include keywords like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Deals, Sale, Discount, etc.
  • Apple already is creating buzz with their Save The Date campaign. It’s a good way to keep up the anticipation.
  • Send out holiday greetings to past and present customers. Show them you value them (while also reminding them that you’re open for business!)

Update your landing page

According to Google AdWords, 61% of shoppers search for deals prior to the actual dates of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s good to get ahead of the competition before the actual day strikes and your website will get the opportunity to rank higher on search engines.

Pro tips from dotWriter™:

  • A significant number of shoppers use mobile devices to shop or even search for deals related to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make sure your website is mobile friendly.
  • As stated earlier, use this opportunity with the surge of visitors to your website, to gather your mailing list for future reference.
  • Make sure the content on your page is updated! Outdated information that was uploaded months ago will not do well for SEO.

Use social media

If you’re not already taking advantage of social media, this is the opportune time. It is estimated that somewhere around 14% of shoppers find their deals on social media. dotWriter introduced a way to get optimized social media content. CLICK HERE to order a social media Custom Job.

Pro tips from dotWriter™:

  • Use a call to action. Just stating that you have an offer doesn’t make a customer visit your site. You need to entice them to buy!
  • Create posts that tell the customer how they will benefit from purchasing your product. Be specific – for example, 50% off on site or free delivery worth so-much on purchase made through the website.
  • And most importantly, according to the demographics of your social media users, create a post to go live at a time when social media log ins are at their peak.

Create an urgency

People love drama. Retailers have this tactic of saying “only one day”, “flash sale”, “lightning deal”, etc. It makes the customer believe that it’s now or never and that they have something to lose by not taking part in your online sale. Be creative with your sales tactics. You don’t have to lie, you just have to market it the right way.

Pro tips from dotWriter™:

    • From oil to chocolate and every other commodity, creating a sense of urgency and lack brings more people to the yard. May e-commerce sites say “only so-many pieces left” and shoppers begin adding more and more to the cart.
    • A shopper loves to feel like he/she got a good deal. You can let them know by how much they have been discounted, and their total savings at the end of the sale.
    • Again, you need catchy content that attracts customers and that’s what dotWriter™ is here for – to connect the dots between your patron and your website!

dotWriter™ is always here to help you with your content strategy. Contact us for the best online content your website needs.

Happy Thanksgiving!