America’s Time To Choose Their 45th President Is Almost Here!


Can you believe that it has been 8 years since President Barack Obama swore his oath on the same Bible used by Abraham Lincoln? The time has really flown, hasn’t it? And now with the United States Presidential Elections just around the corner, Americans find themselves choosing sides to pick their best choice – the person who will take over the White House. Will they choose what’s best for their country or what the media is feeding them with?

For content, this is also an exciting time. Everybody wants as much information and knowledge about politics as they can possibly get their hands on. The United States is a crucial country that dominates the world in many areas –

  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Trade
  • Law
  • Human Rights
  • Foreign Policy
  • Social Issues
  • Nuclear Warfare

The local media has been too busy making personal comments about each candidate, as well as creating memes, more so for entertainment rather than focusing on important issues. Each candidate, Democrat and Republican is bringing her and his policies the table. On one hand, we have someone who is talking about liberalization of policies and on the other hand, we have someone who is talking about building barriers instead of bonds. At the same time, each candidate is also in a mire of controversy, with one found guilty of taking political advantage and the other accused of sexual assault.

We have content writers from almost every continent in the world. It would be great to hear your perspective, to see the way you see things and how the political circus taking place in the United States is ultimately going to affect your and other countries. With a little research and personal perspective, you can create content that is worthy and more accurate that what abstract words are being put out there to distract the public at large to the real and genuine issues at hand.