Here’s Why Customized Content Is Ideal For Your Website


Purchasing readymade content from the dotWriter™ marketplace is always quick and easy. With more than 30 categories and a thousand articles to choose from, you can simply select the category, browse through the description, purchase and upload!

While it’s a quick way of updating your site or procuring content on short notice, it’s not the ideal scenario. When you’re looking for top quality content that can crush your competition – it needs to be tailor-made. The content has to come from a specialist who can craft it to suit your brand.

Custom Content Makes Your Brand Stand Out

Competition between content is fierce. For your brand and business to stand out, you need to create unbeatable engaging content that is designed for a particular audience. Killer custom content that speaks directly to your niche is what you need to beat competition.

More People Will Notice Your Brand on Social Media Because of Custom Content

Here’s an interesting fact – 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared everyday on social media. To stand out amongst this saturation of content, you need give the audience something appealing.

Today when most of your audience interacts with you through mobile, role of social media has become paramount. An average consumer is more likely to interact with your content and share it on social media if it’s interesting and relevant to them.

Custom Content is The Link Between Your Business Goals and Your Customer’s Needs

You may have a marketing strategy, but without custom content, your potential audience will turn their backs on you. It’s the link between what you want to achieve and what the customer is looking for. Custom content is the bait that hooks the right audience to your website.

Study your audience’s interests, priorities and goals – weave your custom content around it. This will not only help you with customer retention, but will also prove effective in lead generation and nurturing.

But There Is One Problem With Custom Content…

Its expensive to create in-house and is time consuming. You may be a pro at selling your product/ service, but throw market research and custom content into that mix – you have a recipe for internal chaos.

Creating high quality custom content is not everyone’s forte- this is where dotWriter™ comes in. At dotWriter™, we have over 4000 active writers who specialize in producing premium tailor-made content.

Here’s What You Need To Do

  1. Simply head over to your ‘Dashboard’, hit ‘Order Custom Article’ and enter- article title, category, keywords, and special instructions to guide writers on your specific requirements.
  2. Once the job has been posted, you can track its progress under ‘My Orders’. Typically, an article can be procured within 2-5 hours, depending on the length of the article.
  3. Once the article is completed, you will be notified through email. After which you can head to ‘My Orders’ and review the custom made content.
  4. You even have an option of rejecting the article or can ask for an edit, if you like. But do keep in mind that you will have a 72hrs. window to approve/ reject an article, after which the content will get auto-approved. You can reject an article as many times as you like.
  5. You can create as many Custom Jobs as you need, simultaneously, and payment is made automatically.

But the best part of procuring custom content through dotWriter™ is that you can do it with zero hassle and minimum involvement. Outsourcing custom content is ‘the’ way forward – it’s the only way to create high quality custom content on a budget.

So why don’t you head to your Content desk now and try out Order Custom Article right away?