Use These Tips To Write Great Articles For The Marketplace


dotWriter™’s Marketplace is a great portal to find articles through 30 Categories. As a writer, you want to not only write articles that you find interest in, but also make sure that it catches the eye of a prospective buyer. Out of thousands of options, how do you make your article stand out? Follow these tips and be sure your article will be sold soon enough…

    1. Title

For SEO purposes, the title to your article needs to be at least 3 words and up to 60-70 characters. Usually, it is a phrase and not a complete sentence. In just a few words, you will need to basically caption your whole article.

    1. Summary

On dotWriter™, the Summary is the only part of the whole article that can be viewed by a buyer in its entirety. So, you need to briefly, in one paragraph, explain what the article is about. People usually mistake the Summary as an introuction to the topic as a whole. What a viewer wants to know, is the writer’s perspective and the points covered in the article. So, professionally list down the major points of the article and keep it within 75 words.

    1. Article

The brilliant part about being a writer is that you get to have your own voice, and also take a topic to the blurred borders of creativity. However, since dotWriter™ is about online content, a writer will need to still follow the rules of SEO, including headers, points, keywords, paragraphs, etc. Basic formatting is required. Also, when covering a topic, doing a little research beforehand will make the article more professional.

Whether writing for dotWriter™ or in any field, showing genuine interest in what you are doing will gain a writer true recognition. Step-by-step, rule by rule, you can become one of the most sought after online content specialists – and that is a lucrative career indeed!