Are You An In-demand Content Specialist?


Writing content in the digital sphere has changed dramatically over the years and it has now turned into a legitimate business. There is a vast difference between a writer composing an essay and a professional who creates content that’s worthy of international blogs. When can you call yourself a coveted Content Specialist? dotWriter™ has listed down three quick and easy tips any qualified author needs to follow:

  1. Online Rules & Regulations – Like any desirable profession, there are online laws and regulations that a content specialist needs to follow every single time. The in-depth knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must if you are to keep up in this dynamic world of content writing.
  2. Viral Content – Personal experiences are ideal for your own website or a magazine contribution. But, if you’re catering to an international portal or blog, you need to constantly check for trending topics and the latest buzz doing the rounds to ensure your content is fresh and up-to-date.
  3. Call To Action – Encourage your readers to like, share and subscribe to your blog so that you get your content out to a wider audience. The better the reach, the higher your chances of becoming a respected content specialist and getting in more projects from clients. Now, that’s a win!