5 Trending Topics During the Pandemic Lockdown

5 top topic pandemic lockdown

It’s early May 2020 and the world is still in lockdown mode on account of the global pandemic. While a majority of businesses around the world have been suffering economic losses, a few are tweaking their business models to adjust to this unexpected reality, while ensuring that everyone stays safe. Depending on the area of your business expertise, sharing updated content online is ideal since content is being consumed a lot more than before and we’ve listed 5 categories that are trending, don’t be left behind.

1. Internet Marketing

Businesses are opening up their digital presence like never before, be it e-commerce portals, digital skill based services to increasing one’s social media presence, the boom is happening online.

2. Food

With a major portion of restaurants shut due to the pandemic, a lot of homes are turning to home-cooked meals. That in turn amounts to searches online for recipes, food tutorials and cooking videos. If that’s your strenght, time to reveal your culinary skills online.

3. Home Improvement

It’s summer in many parts of the world and being on lockdown mode doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy this season bonding with your family at home. Content on DIY projects, family fun activities, gardening, projects that get the children involved and even ambitious home renovations.

4. Pets

Animals and birds are like family to many. Staying and working from home gives pet owners the opportunity to spend more time with their pets which has led them to scramble the internet for ideas on learning games, stitching pet attire, making toys and even cooking home cooked meals!

5. Self Improvement

For many, the lockdown is a much needed break and makes it a good time to connect with oneself and work on honing new skills, it could be from subscribing to a course online, learning a new skill, reading books, practicing meditation & home exercises to a focus on spirituality.

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