5 ways to manage your business goals during a lockdown

lockdown goals

We trust you are safe and taking all precautions to protect yourself and your near and dear ones from the novel coronavirus pandemic. This is a challenging time in the world with many countries in lockdown mode to curb the spread of this virus; it’s important that we remain calm, follow all necessary protocols and as business owners, be prepared to adjust to the new work from home (WFH) format of keeping the business running.

To help you stay in control in managing work, we’ve outlined 5 very helpful tips that will enable you maintain productivity, optimise your business goals and keep you mentally at peace as you manoever working from home over the course of the next few weeks.

1. Stay positive & focussed

As you wake up each day, jot down the goals for the day and keep it in sight. It’s important that you stay focussed on your plans for each day. Practice meditation, get some exercise, listen to music or read a book to keep your mind at ease. It’s crucial to stay calm during troubling times.

2. Schedule calls and virtual meetings

With almost everyone quarantined at home, this is a great time to connect with your team and clients over calls to discuss business roadmaps and potential partnerships, all while staying safe within the confines of your home.

3. Update your online business presence

The mild dip in conducting business deals is a good opportunity for you to update your company websites and blogs with fresh and relevant content. At dotWriter™ – the premium content marketplace, we have hundreds of new articles added to the marketplace every week from writers around the world, this is a great time to not only keep your website/blog updated but also help writers from across the world during this time.

4. Offer sales and discounts

If your business provides online services, now would be a great time to provide these services at discounted rates. This is a great marketing technique to continue to keep your sales ongoing, while ensuring that your services can also be availed by potential customers as the pandemic has brought about a huge financial strain on many.

5. Stay safe

It’s important that you and your business adhere to the local governing authorities during the lockdown. It’s also important that you do a check on your site to protect it from any attacks and on a personal front, keep yourself safe from phishing emails and fake news..

Use this time wisely and please remember that social distancing is very important at this time. Stay safe.