5 ways to build your new business online

5 ways to build your new business online

With new businesses sprouting up online every minute, the internet is flooded with so many enticing options that will fulfill a customer’s every need. In this mayhem, it is possible that your new business online could get drowned in the gigantic pool of competitors who are all vying for the attention of your target audience online. So how do you rise above the clamor and be a beacon of light to people flabbergasted with the amount of data (and online businesses) on digital sphere?

1. Website

Gone are the days when businesses had the boring, non-responsive layout with information laid out just for the sake of it. Now, you need to have a responsive website, an appeasing logo along with an equally appealing User Interface so users can enjoy a positive User Experience online. But don’t go cheap, do your research and get it built by a professional or opt for paid themes that are relevant to your line of business. Make sure your website clearly communicates the services offered.

2. Content

Content is king! You’ve heard that a thousand times and you’re going to hear it a thousand times more, get the clue! Hire writers and purchase articles that are not only SEO (Search engine optimization) friendly but also clearly communicate the story of your brand. Storytelling is the key!

At dotWriter.com, the premium content marketplace, you have the option to buy Editor-approved content from over 30 categories in a matter of seconds or you can request a custom job based on your business needs that will be ready within 72 hours. This saves time and ensures your website is always up to date with content that will give your competitors a run for their money.
Updating your site with fresh content covering the latest features in your business or trends making waves in your industry is a great way to attract customers and stay relevant in the ever-changing economy.

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3. Be Social

You need to be social online and offline. If you have a website and don’t have social pages, your missing out on a potentially huge (read: colossal) target audience. If your business follows a B2B or B2C marketing model, social media marketing is a great way to promote it. Don’t limit yourself to only Facebook and Instagram, open up a video channel on YouTube or Vimeo, create a Pinterest or Reddit account, get your company listed on relevant business listings and keep talking about it to people. The old school way of promoting your new business online by word of mouth never gets old in spreading the buzz around.

4. Location

A successful business should be easily located. Create a business listing on Google places and Facebook places along with a phone number where people can contact you and get directions to your office or store. Your site and social accounts need to have your address or a call-to-action so that a person just window shopping will convert into a customer.

5. Reviews

If you’d like to believe it or not, reviews have great power when it comes to gauging the authenticity and value of a business. It’s important to not only communicate well with your customers but also ensure that their feedback is worked upon in a timely manner. Make your presence felt by being active on sites like Yelp, Trust Pilot, Glassdoor as well as your Google and Facebook pages will show your customers that you care.

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