3 Content Tools For The Successful Writer

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Content Tools that will save the day!

To stand out as a reputed author in this super-competitive content creation space, it is pertinent that your writing skills are not only top-notch but also pass the plethora of editing guidelines available online. With brands and businesses turning to content as a means of creating engagement with their users and customer base, any errors in content tasks could turn out to be costly for you – the writer – and result in that job moving to someone else’s hands (or inbox). To save you from this drudgery, we’ve listed 3 content tools that need to be your best friends at all times:

1. Copyscape

Aced that content project, but didn’t check for the possibility of similar sentences already on the world wide web? That’s where Copyscape comes in. The anti-plagiarism tool is notorious for combing out phrases, sentences and paragraphs that exist online and you might have missed when churning out that masterpiece.

2. Grammarly

Think of it like your nagging ‘friend’ who won’t stop pointing out mistakes that are only for your own good. Grammarly will nudge you when you miss out on punctuation or are too tired to notice a string of errors in that sentence you hoped no one would notice.

3. Hemingway Editor

Everyone wants to add their own “style” to the pieces they write, but is it always the right thing to do? From trimming long sentences to using synonyms to pointing out if your sentence is too dense, Hemingway Editor is more of a Grammarly twin (think fraternal) but either way, they’ll have your back and keep your mind at ease.

Keep in mind, these are tools to guide you, it’s upto you to ensure the facts, tone and all the other nitty-gritties are perfected at your end.

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What are you waiting for? Now go master that content gig you’ve got lined up!

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