3 Unique Ways to Sell Your Articles Like a Pro

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As a content writer, besides the otherwise “writer’s block”, what is one of the other issues you face quite often once your article is ready? Most of you’ll would agree to the fact that selling articles is quite a big challenge! Rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Here are 3 top ways to not only sell your articles like hotcakes but also increase your chances of landing new gigs. Ready? Read on.

1. Search Engine Optimization aka SEO

You’ve definitely heard about this or have a good idea what this is about, but given the high rate of competition online, this is not just for websites on a search engine, this goes for you too. Writing original and error-free content pieces that are SEO-friendly and follow the most recent content guidelines is a must for any author who wants to be noticed and earn big online. Content buyers look for content that follows the latest content guidelines right from the header to the last word. Make sure you keep yourself updated on the latest SEO trends and optimize your content writing strategy so that this works wonders for your career.

2. Your own blog/website

Nothing says commitment more than having your very own blog/website. Every content writer needs to have a page of their own where buyers can view their writing style, profile details and links to their writing profiles where they can purchase articles. Make sure that your blog/website is updated with fresh articles that are written exclusively for you, while ensuring no links are broken. The first impression really counts.

3. Networking

With the world becoming a global village of sorts, networking has become a crucial part of thriving as a content specialist. Networking needs to be not only online but also offline. How do you do that? You can share your content writing profiles on social media so that prospective buyers can find you. At dotWriter™, you can customize your profile url and share it around with friends and potential buyers so that they can follow and buy your work.
When meeting new people and potential business persons, keep a set of business cards ready with your updated website and writing profile(s) clearly printed on it. Networking is a great way to boost your article sales.

Are you ready to take your writing career to the next level? Start working on these unique tips and be amazed!

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