5 ways to sell more articles in the marketplace

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“Now that spring is in the air, pretty flowers everywhere!”

Let spring be the time when your skills as a content writer blossom and bloom and turn you into a sought after writer. Here are 5 ways to help you grow on dotWriter™ and sell more articles!!

1. Follow the content guidelines

You are well aware of the standard rules – No plagiarism, no grammatically incorrect sentences, no spelling mistakes, no poorly framed sentences with punctuation errors, and the list goes on. These are some of the common, yet very essential content requirements that need to be strictly followed and should not be missed.

2. Writer Guidelines

Just like the standard Content guidelines, dotWriter™ has specific Writer Guidelines to ensure that your content is not only error- free but also gets approved at one go. The Writer Guidelines can be found on the Create Article page.

3. Editor Comments

The editors review articles submitted by writers to ensure the points stated above are followed. Take this feedback constructively and work on the comments as the editors are not only pointing out ways to improve your writing but also helping you to write content that is more likely to get sold based on our buyers’ needs.

4. Share your approved articles

Once you have your article approved for the marketplace, share it on your blog, social media accounts and with potential buyers to increase the chances of someone finding what could be invaluable to their site.

5. Size of the articles

Although many users prefer writing longer articles that are more detailed and priced higher, make sure you also work on smaller, informative articles of 300- 400 words in addition to your other longer articles.

Now that you know what needs to be done, pay special attention to your content pieces by double checking it before submitting, working on the editor feedback and writing a mix of small and large articles and don’t forget to share your approved article urls on social platforms.

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