Key Elements of a dotWriter™ Content Writing Ninja Squad

dotWriter Content Writing Tips

dotWriter™ is looking to build a core team of talented content writers to be a part of our Content Writing Ninja Squad. This team of superhero content writers will create the best online content available out there. Do you have all of these qualities to become a writer with us?

Hard Working

Writing projects on dotWriter™ come with deadlines and their own challenges. Writers need to be time-sensitive. Our content writing ninjas will need to submit articles well on time and at warp speed! And remember: always submit only your best work! Working hard only has positive effects for a very promising career.


Custom jobs and other writing projects that come through dotWriter™ mostly belong to niche content topics. It is always important to research topics before writing for them. Even if you feel you are well-versed with a certain topic, the internet is an infinite ocean of knowledge, so keep reading, investigating and bettering your skill.


All dotWriter™ writers are professional. And being professional entails a number of things. Of course, it means that you communicate well with other users on the platform. Also, the type of profile you create is being viewed by a number of potential buyers and other writers. Always maintain a professional persona as a content writer.


One of the most fantastic aspects of content writing is that it a constantly evolving profession. There are so many new things to learn, and to adapt to these changes. Those who do not are left behind. Some of the greatest writers actually read more than they write. This not improves knowledge but gives you an idea of how your skill is evolving almost on a regular basis. Also, keeping up with current affairs and other trending topics will keep you ahead of the competition and make you write better.