5 Important points to remember when responding to a custom job

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On a regular basis, dotWriter™ has a number of custom jobs that are posted directly by the buyer. In case you’re new here, or unaware of this feature, custom jobs can be found when you

  • Log in to your dotWriter™ account
  • Click on Content Desk

Custom jobs allow you to earn real cash. If the buyer likes your work and approves, you will receive the credit to your account immediately! Custom jobs are a great way to earn money as well as improve your skills and writer level.

We’ve come across a lot of feedback from buyers for custom jobs created by writers in the past. Here are the most common points to remember that you must follow the next time you choose to respond to a custom job.

  1. Research – Most topics from custom jobs are very niche subjects. It is not easy to come up with content out of thin air. At the same time, you want to give the buyer your best work. Make optimal use of reference links provided by the buyer and research the topic for at least 5 mins before sitting down to write.
  2. Proofread – A professional writer always proofreads his/her work before submitting it. Often mistakes are made while writing, which can be corrected simply by reading your work thoroughly and submitting only when you are sure it is error-free.
  3. Do what you know best – Though the earnings from the custom job may be enticing, you can give another writer a chance to write, especially if you’re unfamiliar with a particular topic. Our buyers pay top dollar for articles, and need to get their money’s worth.
  4. Use correct terms – When it comes to niche articles that involve medical, legal or any official terms, it is very important to use only the correct terms. The internet is abundant with research material on unfamiliar terms, so make use of your favorite search engine and learn something new!
  5. Visualize your work – Here’s a great tip: Before submitting your work, visualize it on a website. Imagine how it will look to your readers – accordingly, format it, add or subtract information and create a visually stunning piece!

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