Here are 8 content marketing tips to make your Dog blog famous

dog blog marketing tips

The internet is flooded with cute dog blogs and with such fierce competition, it’s a tough task to make your pooch stand out. But with a little hard work and consistency, you can make a superstar out of your dog!

Here are 8 proven ways in which you can grow your Dog blog/ website in no time –

1. Build a fanbase

The first step to making your dog famous is by building a steady fan base on social media! You can start by following other animal influencers and learn from what they do.

2. Endless creativity is the key

Don’t stop at clicking photos of your dog in fun poses, wearing a cape and looking like he’s ready to take over the world! Push the creative boundaries to bring out your dog’s unique personality.

3. You need to be regular at what you do

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your dog blog be. You need to be consistent with all your social media and blogging efforts to keep your existing audience engaged and constantly woo others.

4. Train your furry friend to enjoy posing for the camera!

The most genuine shots can be clicked only when your dog actually enjoys the attention he’s getting from the camera. Use treats, toys and tricks to make this a fun experience for your dog. Don’t force them into doing a photoshoot if they don’t feel like it. Your clicks are going to look a lot more genuine only if your pooch is enjoying what he does – and this is a win-win for both of you.

5. Network – become your dog’s PR person

Just like us humans, your furry friend too needs network with the right people to become a sensation! You can start by presenting yourself and your pet’s social media handles to fellow owners at meet ups.

6. Invest in it

If you really want to your dog blog to become the next big internet sensation – they you have got to beat the others when it comes to quality and style. Just creating hard hitting articles, wacky tag lines and relevant hashtags is not enough. You images need to be spot on! This means actually investing in a good DSLR camera and editing your clicks on photoshop – not just using basic Instagram filters. Keep the quality game up and you will soon reap it’s benefits in terms of loyal followers.

7. Test out different platforms

While a WordPress blog and an Instagram account are obvious choices – look beyond these platforms. Make your pooch a hilarious copywriter – tweet like your dog. Give Vine and Youtube a shot by creating attention grabbing videos. And if your furry friend really enjoys the camera, why not get a Snapchat account?

8. Keep your Dog blog regularly updated

While garnering interest on different social media platforms is a good way of bringing in traffic to your blog, you need to keep it updated with useful content. Content is the key to building an engaging and solid audience. So keep your blog regularly updated with fun and relevant content! You can do so by picking up ready-to-upload content off dotWriter™’s Content Marketplace and simply upload.

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