Back to Basics with dotWriter™ – Its and It’s / Your and You’re

Back to Basics with dotWriter™ - Its and It's / Your and You're

Here’s another special edition to the dotWriter Back To Basics updates that revises grammar basics. Being able to write an article is just half the job; you also need to be grammatically strong so that your work appears professional. Grammar may be a little boring, but it is the foundation on which great writing is cultivated.

For this edition of dotWriter Back To Basics, we’re taking on the difference between ITS and IT’S and YOUR and YOU’RE. A lot of people confuse themselves and interchange the usage between these words. This ends up making the writer appear unprofessional and not confident about writing in English. Understanding the difference between these words is pretty straight-forward and simple, and once you gain knowledge, you will never make the same mistake again!

The difference between Its and It’s

This one may come across as confusing, but it really is just a case of grammar! We are going to make it super simple for you, so you never make this mistake ever again!

It’s is basically a shorter version for IT IS or IT HAS.

For example –

It’s going to be alright. Everything has a way of working itself out.

Its conveys that something belongs to someone.

For example –

It’s getting late and we need to feed our cat its meal.

. . .

The difference between Your and You’re

This one has even become an internet meme! So, to prevent yourself from another grammatical faux pas, follow this simple rule –

You’re is just a shorter version of two words YOU and ARE.

To make it easier, the next time you get confused, separate the words and see if ‘you are’ fits in the sentence.

For example –

You’re causing a scene for more drama.
(Expand the sentence to – YOU ARE causing a scene for more drama. – Does it work?)

Your is basically talking about something that belongs to someone.

For example –

You scored well on your test, so you’re coming with me for a treat!