Introducing downloadable invoices for all transactions on dotWriter™


Now generate an invoice every time you add funds to your account and rest assured

We are excited to announce the introduction of a new feature to your dashboards! At dotWriter™ we strive to create an unparalleled experience for all our members and evolving our platform according to your needs is our top priority.

Now every time you add funds to your dotWriter™ account through a registered and verified PayPal id, you can immediately generate a physical invoice for your record. You can also generate an invoice for all the transactions you have made on your account, throughout its lifetime.

Here’s how you can go about generating an invoice on your personal dashboard –


Open your dotWriter™ Dashboard


Head to the Finance page


Go to the Funds Deposit History section


Hit Generate Invoice!

It’s as simple as that 🙂

We hope this new feature keeps you motivated to continue sourcing content through dotWriter™.

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Would you like us add any more features to your dashboard to improve your experience? Write in at and our team will surely get back to you within 24hrs. to 48hrs.