Top 3 Content Strategies You Need To Put Money Into This Financial Year


Invest in Content Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Your Business

March 2017 is soon going to end and this marks the beginning of the new financial year of 2017 – 18. This is usually a crazy time, especially for business owners as they are busy getting their accounts and other financial plans in place for the coming year.

But while you plan your priorities for the next financial year, here are 3 areas we urge you to invest in –

1. Visual Content

Creating-visual-content-dotwriter (2)

Anybody who has some experience with social media will agree that visual content is the most consumed content in the world! Be it infographics, photos, memes or gifs. Entire social media platforms have evolved to share and monetize visual content on the internet. They why are you ignoring it?

Identify your audience on visual content mediums like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat and start churning out content to engage them with your product/ brand. Visual content is proven to increase social media engagement by 25%!

How to get started? Invest in a good graphics designer to churn out a bulk of videos, infographics and memes. Or simply hire a good photographer to take good shots of your product and related items, edit them on an online software – and the photos are good to go!

2. Promotion

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Yes, promotion. We all create interesting content, but how many of us promote it?  

Viral content does not go viral organically. While likability and engagement are vital aspects of viral content, promotion it is the most important tool which helps your content reach the right audience. How do you expect your content to reach a million people organically within a few days of posting it if it doesn’t reach the correct audience? Promote it.

3. Creating Content Targeting Different User Profiles

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While content marketers and business owners recognize that several different user profiles make up their target audience, most small – medium sized business owner have little resources to target all of them separately. They may have the budget, but not the man-power and time to create such content.

This is exactly where dotWriter™ comes into the picture. All you have to do is –

Identify your user profiles and the content you would like to create to target them

Plan a budget for your content  

Start sourcing Custom Content through dotWriter™’s Platform!

You can start building a strong content strategy by sourcing quick Custom Content through dotWriter™. Simply list down your requirements with special instructions to get going.

You can even pick ready-to-use content off dotWriter™’s Premium Content Marketplace.