Mandatory Guidelines for Writers for Submitting Articles to dotWriter™

dotWriter™ Writer Guidelines Content Marketplace

Follow these rules to ensure that your article is always APPROVED on dotWriter™! 

dotWriter™ is a content marketplace that connects the dots between international buyers and professional writers.

We appreciate writers making an effort to give their best work on our portal. However, the Editors have come across a number of articles that do not reach a certain quality standard that is strictly followed by dotWriter™. Our buyers are looking for the best available online content, and we guarantee them quality with every article that they purchase.

Wouldn’t you want to be a successful writer on dotWriter™? Go through the following guidelines and follow them strictly to ensure that your articles are sold at the marketplace or through custom jobs. Better yet, improve your writing prowess and get regular private hires from our top buyers!

Create and Submit Original Content

Articles need to be from the creativity and research of the writers submitting the article, and not copied from another published source. Also, trying to manipulate sentences to avoid plagiarism will also be considered as unethical practice and the article will be rejected.

Proof read for Grammatical Errors

Always proofread the article before submitting it, as done by every other professional writers. Only hit the ‘Submit’ button once you are sure that it is error-free. Even the slightest, smallest mistake will lead to your article not being accepted by us.

Always use internationally acceptable English 

It is imperative that you use the internationally accepted version of English when writing content for dotWriter™. Colloquial language, including regional phrases, words and terms will not be accepted. You need to understand that your work is reaching an international audience, and everyone needs to get what you are trying to say.

Use basic SEO practices in your articles

Your article needs to follow certain SEO rules and regulations. Writing online content is a skill, and you need to be proficient with these guidelines. Read up on SEO guidelines from the dotWriter™ blog.

Cover Interesting Topics

If you want your article to sell quick, then it is highly suggested that you write on interesting, trending topics. It is easy to find viral topics, because they circulate the internet on a daily basis. Hit up your favorite social media platform or search engine, and browse the trending topics, then write an article on dotWriter™!

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