Introducing: Geographical Location Settings and Short Bios to your dotWriter™ Profile!


dotWriter™ is Happy to Introduce New Features to Help Enhance Your dotWriter™ Profiles

We are excited to announce that we have added two new exciting features you dotWriter™ Profiles allowing all users to add a short personal description and set their Geographical location!

You can enter a short, 200 characters long bio on your dotWriter™ Profiles, summing up your capabilities or requirements, depending on whether it’s a Writer’s Account or a Buyer’s Account. While the Geographical location can be set according to your preferences. So, as our systems auto-detect the country you are currently located in, you can always set it to your preferred location, depending on your actual nationality.

Head Over to Your Accounts Right Away to Update your dotWriter™ Profiles!

In case you’re wondering how these features can truly enhance your profiles, let us explain –

A Few Benefits of Adding a Location on your dotWriter™ Profile

1. It helps buyers identify appropriate writers for audiences based in different regions of the world.

Imagine an American writing for a Kenyan Audience – the writer is bound to miss a few key nuances that may help a Kenyan audience resonate with the article! Not to mention, it helps you find your writing niche.

2. This helps increase your chances of getting hired privately by potential buyers. 

How? Imagine  scenario where a buyer is looking for writers belonging to a particular location (which is often the case), by setting a location on your profile, you can clearly indicate what the buyer is looking for – enhancing your chances to get hired!

A Few Benefits of Adding a Short Bio to your dotWriter™ Profile

1. A Profile description is a reflection of who you are as a writer and should be compelling enough to get you hired!

2. Creating a short bio for yourself also adds on to your profile when shared on social media.

This one is a no brainer! Imagine a social media post without a proper description, what are it’s chances of hitting it off which the audiences? Zero. So, by adding a well written description to your profile, you help increase your chances of getting noticed by the right kind of people.

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