Presenting – dotWriter™’s Ultimate Checklist for Writers!

dotWriter™'s Ultimate Checklist for Writers (1)

Revealing Top Secrets from Our Senior Editor’s Books – The Ultimate Checklist for Creating High Value Content

Content writing has become a very competitive, but rewarding, career. We want you to be the best at what you do. And that’s why our editorial team at dotWriter™ is eager to share this effective tool with you, to help you create high value content every time you submit an article on our platform.

By using dotWriter™’s Ultimate Checklist for Writers you can guarantee yourself to have a lucrative writing career and a large base of clients who only want more work from you each time!


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Here is how you can use dotWriter™’s Ultimate Checklist for Writers effectively –

1)   Before submitting an article on dotWriter, tick off each point.

2)   Until all points have been answered with a resounding YES!, do not hit the Submit button.

3)   If any point is answered with MAYBE/NO, go back to the article and make improvements.

4)   To be your best critique, examine your article as a third person, not as yourself.

5)   Be honest with your approach. Right the wrongs and deliver only quality every single time.

Do share your feedback with us on how this chart has helped you develop your skills and become a better writer!

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