Introducing, Custom Profile Links and Social Media Sharing on dotWriter™!


dotWriter™ is Excited to Launch Two New Features Which Allows Members to Create Custom Profile Links and Share Their Profiles / Content Marketplace Articles on Social Media

The first feature additions of 2017 are here!

We are exhilarated announce the release of two new features on your dashboards today which not only allow you to customize your profile link but also promote it on social media.

This is a big step towards empowering all our Writers to promote themselves and create business opportunities on dotWriter™.

Why should you create a Custom Profile Link on dotWriter™?

A dotWriter™ Profile is like any other LinkedIn or Google Plus profile that can be used to showcase your talents as a writer. Promoting this profile will not only allow you to show the world how good you are at what you do, but also create more business!

But the key to promoting anything is first making sure that it looks presentable, that’s where customizing your profile’s link becomes crucial. Put your name on that link and claim it as yours. Let the world know you are making it big on dotWriter™.

Here is how you can go about creating your Custom Profile Link –

  1. Sign in to your dotWriter™ dashboard and head over to the Account Section
  2. Go to Preferences on the Account Page
  3. Select a slug from the auto suggestion or create your own
  4. Review the final link structure
  5. Hit ‘Save Changes’

Create a Custom Profile Link

How will sharing your dotWriter™ Profile help you?

While the power of promoting yourself on social media is unparalleled by any other media, sharing your dotWriter™ Writer profile can help you in a number of ways;

  1. You can showcase your talented works submitted to our Premium Content Marketplace on your profile, giving potential buyers an idea of your strengths.
  2. It’s free promotion that is guaranteed to get you more business on our platform! Need we say more?

Lastly, here is why you should share all your articles submitted to dotWriter™’s Premium Content Marketplace on social media –

  1. The more you share, higher are the chances of your article catching the attention of a potential buyer who is on the lookout for such content.
  2. This will undoubtedly increase your business as a freelance writer!
  3. Motivation – The more you sell, the more you write, the better you get! This one is a no brainer, really.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Custom Link before the best options get taken and share away!

Start Sharing Marketplace Articles 

Stay tuned for updates on all the new features we have in store for you this New Year 2017. This is just the beginning.