Introducing dotWriter Gift Cards to brighten your Christmas!


Present a  dotWriter™ Gift Card This Christmas to Share the Holiday Joy With Your Associates

“The more you sow, the more you reap”, James Allen.

What better way to kick-off the season of giving, than by introducing dotWriter™ Gift Cards for all our members?!

Now you can stuff a christmas stocking with our Gift Cards and show an associate how much they mean to you, with the mutually beneficial relationship you share on our platform.

The dotWriter™ Gift Cards fits every budget. From a small token of gratitude to a hearty present, you can select the one that defines your relationship. Our Gift Cards come with four options of – $10, $20, $50 and $100.

Let’s be real – Christmas may be a season of joy, but with budgeting gifts, deciding the shopping list and managing business, it can take a toll on your credit score and max out your credit cards. However, the dotWriter™ Gift Card is sure to help your business grow!

How you ask?

Our Gift Cards are a small token of gratitude or appreciation that you can send your top buyers or writers on dotWriter™ to show them how much their association means to you. Once sent, you can very well hope that you’ll be in the good books of your associate and this will only strengthen your relationship, moving forward.

Here are a few ways, in which we think, you can use your dotWriter™ Gift Card

  • Advertise your presence on dotWriter™
  • Show an associate that you care about them
  • Thank your associates for their business this year (hoping that they continue the relationship in 2017!)

All Gift Cards can be purchased directly through your personal dashboard on dotWriter™ and is received immediately by the recipient through e-mail.

So what are you waiting for? Send a Christmas Present on dotWriter™  and share the joy.

Happy Holidays to you!