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Sure, you want to get generous during this season. With holidays like Christmas and New Year just around the corner, you could do with a little extra cash to help you with budgeting your daily expenses, including gifting and party expenses.

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How it works

It’s really simple. First, you need to SIGN UP on dotWriter™ and get a personal account. Then, ask your friends who are interested in buying quality content for their website/blog to open an account of their own, using the special affiliate link provided by you. Everytime they make a purchase off the Marketplace, YOU earn a commission from the sales.

Here’s what you got to do

  • SIGN IN to your dotWriter™ account
  • Click on AFFILIATE under Quick Navigation
  • Copy your unique Affiliate URL to your social media accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ etc. AND
  • Choose a banner size to paste to your website/blog for visitors to click on
  • Now, wait for it – Ka-ching!

    dotWriter™ gives you complete control to manage your account. Regularly check how your affiliate work is going by browsing through your Affiliate History.

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