dotWriter™ Introduces New Custom Word Feature For Custom Jobs & Private Hire


Custom Jobs just got a great upgrade! Now, you can order the exact number of words that you want your chosen writer to pen for a social media post or a lengthy article suitable for your website.

Last time, dotWriter™ had introduced 100-word articles for those buyers looking for savvy short posts for social media. In addition to this feature, Custom Job and Private Hire orders can now be lengthened or shortened to suit your content strategy requirements. In short, for buyers, pay exactly what you’ve ordered for.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to the Content Desk and Create a Custom Job/Visit your chosen writer’s profile and click on Private Hire
  • Choose from the pre-listed article length (100, 300, 500, 1000 or 2000) OR
  • Click on Custom Word Limit and type in the exact number of words you want
  • Pick the Writer Type you’re going for – Standard, Premium or Gold – the price for each writer level remains the same – either 2 cent, 4 cents or 6 cents per word. (*all prices are in USD)
  • Check how the price for the article automatically gets updated!
  • Fill any other special instructions and other mandatory fields for the Custom Job order

Done! Your article is ready to be researched and written by the writer.

At dotWriter™, we guarantee you optimized quality for the price you pay. Through this quick and efficient way, you can order custom content as per your convenience and budget. Fast and easy, wasn’t it?

Go login to dotWriter™ and place your custom job order now.