How To Create A Content Strategy Targeting Millennials


A number of surveys conducted have proven that the strongest buyers in the market today are Millennials. Who are these creatures and what can you learn about them? It’s safe to say that those who are within the age range of 15-35 can be considered millennials. Those younger are still influenced by the decisions of their guardians, and those who are older than this millennial age group are not as flexible to a changing market.

This leaves marketers with a dynamic group of “millennials” who have three things in common-

  • Disposable income that they are willing to spend on a great product
  • Influence and are influenced by their peers
  • Keep up with the evolving market and love to try exciting new products

Since millennials technically are your concerned core market base, it is obvious you need to concentrate on trying to win their trust. Not only that, but as mentioned earlier, with social media, they love to share a great bit of news with their followers and friends, so they actually act as a free marketing tool for you!

Here’s how you can create a content strategy targeting millennials-

  1. Create a mission – These days, millennials are more conscious and have educated themselves on the environment, social issues and other important causes. If your product deals with any of these topics, make sure to highlight them. Highlight how their involvement is important to a bigger cause.
  2. Active on social media – The way social media has influenced millennials, is undisputed. They look to social media for news and updates, more than any other source. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vimeo, YouTube – these are just a handful of the free tools you can use to reach out to your biggest market.
  3. Produce great content – The attention span of an average millennials is a few seconds. You need to grab them with interesting, dynamic content that doesn’t just drone on about a topic, but quickly gets to the point, is viral (so they can share it with their fellow millennials) and is most importantly, informative. And as per recent studies, video content and social media content is KEY. Fine tune your content from a full-blown 500-1000 word article and just leave in the important highlights, bringing it in to 300 words or less and notice the difference.
  4. Make things easier and better – With millennials, they’re always looking for the bigger-better deal. Keep tweaking and constantly looking for ways to improve your product, and you will maintain your status at the top of the competition.
  5. Go Mobile – Last but not least, old website layouts are so passé. Create a platform that is most importantly, mobile friendly. Create a space that can be taken on the go, so your market (millennials) can access your product no matter where they are. Apps are popping up alongside every major product and millennials are loving it.

When going for the biggest market out there for your product, you need to first understand your target audience – look no further than the biggest, most influential group there is today – millennials.