‘Tis The Season For Travel And Leisure on dotWriter™


A long, nail-biting year is just coming to a close, and the first thing people want to do is take time off from their busy lives and travel! Millennials are looking for destinations off the beaten track, places that are rare and hidden gems. While families and other vacationers are looking for popular locations, mostly ones that will take them away from the wrath of winter – like beaches, and water-sporting sites.

When this season comes around, tourism, travel and other affiliate industries expect a lot of traffic – and so should your website! Search engines searches soar with travel-related topics, and what better way to stay ahead of the game than by adding information related to travel on your website?

dotWriter™ has 30 categories that cover different categories, from Alternative Energy to Sports. Our most popular category for this month is, you guessed it, Travel and Leisure. Our talented writers have written hundreds of articles that span global locations – both popular and rare destinations.

When you update your website regularly with trending topics, it greatly helps the ranking of your website and search engines place you on a higher recommendation scale for searches that match the content on your website. Browse through the marketplace for articles that contain relevant content and watch your traffic grow. You also have the option of ordering tailor-made content through Custom Jobs, so check out the revamped dotWriter™ website today!