What You Should Look For From Content Portals


“Writers” are available a dime a dozen, and can be found all over the internet, making claims and offerings to grab a passing customer. But what is the legitimacy of their skills? Have they worked anywhere before on content? Are they specialized with particular genres and niche topics? Will they deliver as promised?

As a website owner, you have many things to do – above all, get traffic to your website, find a way for them to stay and also get more recommended traffic, as they say, more the merrier. But imagine if you order content and then have to go through the tedious process of finding the right writer, then editing the articles (which not only includes grammatical checks but accuracy of information provided), then sending it back for edits, etc. etc. By the time you finally get the article up on your website, there will definitely be a change in the product you are offering and you will need fresh content once again. And, let’s not forget the tedious payment processes that fail because there is some hindrance with the financial aspect of the transaction.

But, content portals like dotWriter™ come into the picture to do just what we promise – connect the DOTS. We eliminate all these labyrinth-type procedures and get you the content you are looking for in record time. All you need to do is come to us, specify the topic and the content Category you are looking for, and we do the rest!

  • Allow freelance writers to get exposure and showcase their talent
  • Eliminate writers that do not fit the quality our international clients are looking for
  • Train and update writers to improve their skills to do the best job they can
  • Stringent checks for original content through paid Copyscape services
  • Editing of each article for grammatical perfection
  • SEO inspired content to help the ranking of your website
  • Transparent transaction history
  • Financial transactions through verified PayPal accounts only
  • Direct upload option with the click of a button
  • Custom content ordering service

You can choose to do everything on your own, or you can get dotWriter™ to do it for you. After all, the success of your website is at stake here, and you can’t afford to make any mistakes when it comes to business.