How You Can Use Social Media To Your Advantage


There is no doubt that social media is a powerful tool and a free one at that. Millions of people log in on a daily basis for various purposes, business and personal. As a writer, you too, can take advantage of this open media. Instead of absent-mindedly scrolling through to pass time, you may draw inspiration from other people’s posts and use that to write your next article.

  1. Trending Topics
  2. All the biggest social media platforms have space for all the trending topics. What are they? The most talked-about headlines from around the world and your region are listed in order of their popularity. Some topics remain popular for a few hours, some for a few days, and so on. Pick one that you know anyone from anywhere in the world can relate to and begin to write in your voice!

  3. e-Magazines
  4. You should take the time to subscribe to the digital versions of some of the biggest magazines of the world. There are those that deal with a niche audience, while others are meant for the female or male population, etc. They always update the world on growing trends of the times, events, announce new products, etc. It is through them that you get knowledge and also learn how to write in their own free, conversational flow of writing.

  5. Events
  6. When is the next biggest social event taking place? We just got done with the Rio Olympics, there were a number of big music events, festivals, film releases, etc. that took place. Did you write about those? Keep a track of upcoming events, as your readers will be excited to know of what is yet to come. There is always a public gathering for any genre – be it political, social, glamor and everything else in between.

Social media is a great and effective tool, because it has a place for every type of interest. By using social media to further your skill, you will soon find your career making headway in the right direction.