Did you cover the RIO Olympics?


Every four years, the biggest sporting event takes place on a global scale, inviting hundreds of the best participants from around the world to prove their mettle on the field. Every other topic takes a back seat, as countries support their most favored sportspersons to conquer all and win a medal. As a content writer, you should know that almost every website would, in some way, mention and cover the Olympics, as it attracts millions of viewers during this time. This year, the Olympics are taking place in Rio de Janeiro, a beautiful city that is the capital of South America’s Brazil.

You may be thinking that you’re not a professional sports writer, so how could you think of a topic to talk about in your next post on dotWriter™? Well, the best part about such epic events is that they spill over to different other genres, apart from just sports, for example

  • historical references
  • geographical significance
  • general knowledge
  • types of sporting events
  • new sports categories added
  • new countries participating this year

By now, your mind should already be buzzing with topics and inspirational ideas on the Rio Olympics 2016! Maybe the country you’re from has little known sportspersons you want to share with the world. There could even be weird facts about the event, news updates, listables and so much more. Take advantage of this major gaming event and get writing!