The 5 Basics Of SEO For Every Article You Write


No longer is online content like regular writing. If you’re an essay writer or poet, then you can save your work for a personal blog or print media. When it comes to writing for blogs and websites, there are certain “laws” that need to be followed, no matter what. Here are the 5 basics of SEO to include in every article you write henceforth, and this will ultimately help the website to be ranked higher and be favored by search engines…

1. Keywords
These form the link between the content of your article and how search engines can relate to the most searched topics. For example, if you’re writing on say, the Rio Olympics, you might want to have similar keywords woven into your article. Otherwise, search engines will simply run over your work and find another article that has clearly defined keywords to be ranked higher.

2. Linking
Everything works better when linked together. If you have sourced your information from another published source, or you want to reference a particular point to a popular article, you can link it within your own article. This helps search engines understand that what have got to say is similar to a bigger voice. Also, if you have similar articles within your own website, you can internally link these as well, as they help visitors stay and explore your website more.

3. Length
With each article you write, you want to tell a story and disseminate information. Therefore, the length of your article will need to be sufficient. The internet dictates that the minimum length of the article needs to be at least 300 words, but these days it is better to extend it to 500 words or more. Also, make sure that you don’t keep repeating a point multiple times just to lengthen your article as this may bring visitors, but won’t help them stay.

4. Headers
Why are headers so important when it comes to SEO? This makes the work of search engines much easier. Here’s an easy-to-do tip: Make sure your main keywords are in the title and the headers, as this will make your article stand out more and show that you are being serious with the topic that you are writing on. It also makes your article look more professional when divided into points, as against chunky paragraphs with no header as an introduction.

5. Source
It is extremely important to mention where you have taken your information from. Plagiarism is considered an extremely serious offence on the Internet. Yes, we use guides and external sources for some of the work we write on, so mention them and give them due credit in your article, preferebly at the end. Especially when it comes to specialized articles for medical or healthcare purposes, you want to make sure you duly list them down. The same goes for images that have been picked off the Internet without purchasing them first.

These are just the basic 5 aspects of SEO that is imperative for every article you submit on dotWriter™. The best way to become a writer of repute is to keep researching and improving your writing, as trends change constantly.