Are You A Real-deal Content Writer?


Content is King! Anyone even remotely associated with SEO will strongly vouch for that. So with this in mind, several websites get stuffed with words; but the question arises whether these words are even relevant to the topic covered. Do they really fulfill the job of conveying messages, like true communication is supposed to? Or are you left scrolling quickly through an article, merely glancing through the main points to catch the total vibe? If this isn’t the case, there’s something missing out, because good content ignites the senses in a similar way that a plate of good food tickles the tastebuds.

Calling yourself a “writer” or “author” is a good thing – it gives you a sense of belonging to a well-known community of intellects. Also, many believe that they can get away by claiming a profession, simply because they can write in a particular language. But if you want to establish yourself in a rewarding lifetime of gifting your words to the world, then maybe inculcate these points to help yourself get there –

  • Understand your audience
    Like any good product, you need to know who your target customer is. Are you catering to children, lifestyle magazines, business tribunals or the medical community? Based on that research, use the appropriate lingo and written style of communication.
  • Be interesting
    School should be the only place where you fall asleep while gaining knowledge. If your reader starts getting bored by sentence 3, that could be a red flag. Since your audience cannot hear your voice, they need to understand what you’re trying to say through letters on a page. Not all “writers” can truly achieve this style, but with hard work, it will definitely pay off.
  • Define your voice
    People love a good “Morgan Freeman” tone. When you hear it, you recognize it and respond positively to it. In the same way, anyone reading your content should intuitively know you and “hear” your point of view. Shakespeare is dramatic, Maya Angelou is pensive – what emotion will you trigger in your reader’s head?
  • Provide knowledge
    Everyone is thirsty to learn more. Some use it to improve their lives, while others use it to sound more intelligent than others. To attain a loyal audience, be refreshing and say something new so people understand that they are gaining something from spending time with you (through your writing). Copying information from the internet is done by many-a high school student rushing through a project. When you are a source, the flock gather to listen.

At the start, writing will seem easy, but in reality it won’t be a cakewalk, if you’re doing it with integrity. The best part about it is that it is very dynamic and keeps changing so you will never feel that life is getting monotonous, like your fellow accounting colleague. Follow the points mentioned above, and in no time you can proudly call yourself a Content Writer.